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Duplex for Rent   13346 Southview Ln Details Map Rental Application

House for Sale   10569 Whipporwill Ln, Wills Point TX (South Tawakoni)
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Lot for Sale   596 Oak Leaf Trl, East Tawakoni TX Details Map Offer Form

Lot for Sale   Gable Dr, California Pines CA Details Map Offer Form

Dallas area company wants to buy your house!

Pinecone Places, has been buying houses from families in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.  And what are people's first impression when they are told they can sell their home in as little as 72 hours?  "Sounds to good to be true"..."Is this a scam?"... "You'd have to be desperate"..."There must be a catch".

It's really no mystery.  Sure Pinecone Places is in business to make a profit...but...rarely does that profit come from getting a deeply discounted price on a house.  In fact, they can pay up to full retail price.  That's a surprise to most people.

So how much can Pinecone Places pay for your house?  That depends on several factors.  Does the house need work?  Where's the home located?  What will the house appraise for?  What do they expect the home to be worth 3 - 4 years from now?  How much could it be rented for?

Based on the answers to questions like these, Pinecone Places will carefully plan what they will do with your house after they buy it.  This always includes adding value like fixing it up if needed, changing the zoning or use of the property, or packaging the home with some attractive financing.  Their profit comes from adding immediate value, long term appreciation, rental income, interest income and tax benefits.

The bottom line is that Pinecone Places can usually offer you more money for your house at closing then you'd net if you listed it with a real estate agent.  And you can pick the closing date.  The house can be off your hands...and you'll be free to put your time and energy to better use.

If you are thinking of selling your house and want to learn more without risk or obligation, call Paul at 469-767-5125.

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